Tetris Effect

1 week ago
Here's how software engineer Garth Kidd defined the "Tetris effect" in his 1996 paper, "Possible future risk of virtual reality," for The Risks Digest. "Many people, after playing Tetris for more than an hour straight, report being plagued by after-images of the game for up to days afterwards, an ability to play the game in their head, and a tendency to identify everything in the world as being made of four squares and attempt to determine 'where it fits in.'" SEE ALSO: Watch the moment when a 16-year-old becomes the world champion of 'Tetris' In the more than two decades since that term started kicking around (it was actually first coined a couple years earlier, in a Wired story), the game of Tetris has existed in many different shapes and sizes. But not one of those games has ever tried to capture the feeling that Kidd described. Until now. Read more...More about Entertainment, Gaming, Tetris, The Tetris Effect, and Gaming Review
2 weeks ago
This week Netflix premieres Outlaw King, starring Chris Pine as a hero in medieval Scotland, as well as "Collection 6" of The Great British Baking Show. On PS4 and PS VR, there's Tetris Effect which puts a Tetsuya Mizuguchi spin on the classic puzzle...
3 weeks ago
At E3 2018, Sony announced Tetris Effect, a trippy new take on the perennial classic. Developed by Enhance, it's set to be released on November 9th for PlayStation 4 and PSVR. If you're looking to try before you buy, Enhance announced today that a fr...
4 weeks ago
The upcoming PlayStation 4 game builds on Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s past work to get you as far out of your head—and as absorbed into the experience—as possible.
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