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Roos have first dibs on this Next Generation Academy gun
October 16th, 2018
Scientists claim to have discovered a new underwater world off the Tasmanian coast made up of volcanic mountain peaks that tower about 3km from the seafloor. 
October 10th, 2018
It's often said that we know less about what is hiding in Earth's oceans than we do about what lurks in the depths of space. While that might be hyperbole, a new discovery off the coast of Australia certainly lends weight to the argument. Hidden some 2,000 meters beneath the waves off the east coast of Australia, researchers stumbled upon something they didn't even know was there: a massive volcano graveyard that they are calling the "Lost World" of extinct underwater volcanos. The researchers were originally surveying the area to study biological markers but their underwater mapping hardware tipped them off to something else entirely. There on the sea floor, jutting up thousands of meters from the bottom, were several volcanic peaks that had never before been documented. The volcanos the team spotted have long since died off, and are no longer active or at risk of any kind of volcanic activity, but their towering presence remains. Some of the mountainous feature...
October 2nd, 2018
Tasmanian rising stars could find themselves at North next year
September 26th, 2018
On a spring day in the Tasmanian town of Port Arthur, a lone gunman shot an elderly couple at the inn they owned, 22 diners lunching at a nearby tourist spot, two tour bus drivers and several of their passengers, four occupants of a BMW, and two customers at a gas station. By the time the bullets...
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