October 18th, 2018
Period dramas and historical fiction shows are popular for a reason. They have dope costumes, great characters, and they offer the opportunity to take a peek at a usually glitzed-up version of the past. Some can even teach people a thing or two about history.  Most people have at least one friend who won't shut up about them (which is fine!), so here's what to get that friend when the gifting season approaches.  SEE ALSO: Gifts for Slytherins who are just trying to have a good time 1The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook The Unofficial Downton Abbey CookbookImage: AmazonVery few people live like the Crawleys of Downton do, what with their army of servants and personal cook Mrs. Patmore whipping up all of their meals. Considering that level of wealth is borderline unethical, that’s probably a good thing. Still, it’s hard to watch a show like Downton Abbey and not crave a perfectly baked scone or chilled bowl of...idk, rich people soupThe Unofficial Downton Abbey...
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