Pet Sematary

October 15th, 2018
Five clever Canadian cats are set to appear in the upcoming ‘Pet Sematary’ horror movie, the latest screen adaptation of Stephen King’s novel.
October 13th, 2018
From an early look at a trio of big-name 2019 movies to the next chapter of 'Making a Murderer' — your trailer round-up for the week
October 12th, 2018
“House of Cards” tops our list for its riveting clip, followed by “Glass” from M. Night Shyamalan, “Ben Is Back” and “The Best of Enemies.”
October 11th, 2018
I'm a sucker for a good horror movie, and even this trailer gives me goosebumps. This remake of Stephen King's Pet Sematary comes out in April 2019. From Esquire: The concept was so spooky King himself hesitated to publish his book in the first place. “I found the result so startling and gruesome that I put the book in a drawer, thinking it would never be published. Not in my lifetime, anyway.” he wrote in a 2000 introduction for the paperback, according to Entertainment Weekly. “I’m particularly uneasy about the book’s most resonant line… ‘Sometimes, dead is better,’” King wrote. “I hope with all my heart that that is not true, but in the nightmarish context of Pet Sematary, it seems to be. And it may be okay. Perhaps ‘sometimes dead is better’ is grief’s last lesson.” Read the rest
October 10th, 2018
Beloved horror novel receives new big-screen adaptation starring Jason Clarke, John Lithgow and Amy Seimetz
October 10th, 2018
Stephen King adaptations are on a roll, clearly. It was one of the top-grossing releases of 2017, closing out the year at seventh overall despite the fact that it released months after most of those ranked ahead of it. The reason? It was great. This first trailer for Pet Sematary — adapted from King's 1983 novel (which was already a 1989 movie) — is here. And friends, let me tell you: It is creepy as hell.  If you somehow haven't been spoiled on this story's wild ride, try to avoid reading anything before the latest adaptation's April 2019 release. To this day, Pet Sematary remains one of King's most surprising stories. Read more...More about Entertainment, Film, Stephen King, Pet Sematary, and Entertainment
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