14 hours ago
Shock-rocker Marilyn Manson continues making things weird with his latest merchandise offering, a dildo with his face on it. The eight-inch-tall sex toy boasts a solid 1.5-inch thick diameter and is described as "soft" and "lifelike." Get one now for $125 at his site. [To note: the Manson's face is painted on and "may fade with multiple uses."] (COS) Read the rest
16 hours ago
Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Korn's Jonathan Davis, Body Count and Zakk Wydle's Black Label Society will perform at L.A. Forum concert
2 days ago
Balls! Mega Millions jackpot crossed the billion-dollar mark for Friday night’s drawing. Marilyn Manson surely purchased a ticket or two after having a tough time of it this past year — among other things, simulating a mass shooting the same day an actual one occurred. To his credit, Manson is taking stock of himself and...
3 days ago
"Please note that the paint on Marilyn Manson's face is environmentally safe," the item description reads. "May fade with multiple uses."
5 days ago
Three thugs convicted of gang-raping and robbing prostitutes showed little remorse Wednesday as a Bronx judge hit them with prison terms. Joey Cruz, 29, insisted, “I ain’t no Mother Teresa but I’m no Charles Manson, either” before Justice Diane Kiesel sentenced him to 75 years to life. Fernando Sandel, 30, who got the same stiff...
5 days ago
The Manson Family murders set an ominous tone for the '70s as news reports of serial killers, crime sprees and mass murders flooded the mainstream media.
2 weeks ago
For weeks, we’ve been subjected to the ever-increasing hysteria of the left. The confirmation process for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh started with the Democrats shouting to the world that he was an evil, mutant offspring of Charles Manson and Pol Pot. Now, not so much.
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