Jordan Peterson

1 week ago
A Swedish book retailer has listed Jordan Peterson’s new book as a top seller, just days after the country’s foreign minister told the Canadian academic to “crawl back under his rock”. Read Full Article at
1 week ago
Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström slammed Canadian professor Jordan Peterson's recent visit to Stockholm saying the academic should "crawl back under the rock he came from."
1 week ago
Sweden’s Foreign Minister has issued a rather undiplomatic request to Canadian academic and internet sensation Jordan B. Peterson, thrilling a Stockholm audience by expressing her desire to see him fade from the public eye. Read Full Article at
October 10th, 2018
Jordan Peterson attempted to explain his call for Brett Kavanaugh to step down from his appointment to the Supreme Court in a blog post published on Tuesday.
October 7th, 2018
Professor Jordan Peterson argued this weekend that Brett Kavanaugh should step down from the Supreme Court for a "less divisive" nominee to take his place, despite Peterson's past advice to "never apologize to a mob."
October 5th, 2018
If there is no problem, no crisis of free speech on campus, what is really going on here? This summer, mere days before the beginning of the semester at most universities in Ontario, Premier Doug Ford announced a new policy requiring “every publicly assisted college and university to develop and publicly post its own free speech policy by January 1, 2019, that meets a minimum standard specified by the government.”Ford had campaigned on a promise to “ensure that publicly funded universities defend free speech for everybody” and now, it seemed, he was delivering.On the face of it, this policy seems unnecessary or at least redundant to commitments already made by post-secondary institutions.Universities in Ontario, and across Canada, have been and remain bastions for the free expression of ideas. In Ontario, the commitment is reflected in the Council of Ontario Universities’ statement responding to the policy.The council rightly points out that “Ontario universitie...
September 26th, 2018
Jordan Peterson is a Canadian academic whose mysticism-soaked misogyny revolves around the social hierarchy of some lobster species and the literal existence of witches and dragons; somehow, when this rubbish is blended with anodyne life advice for angry manbabies, it creates a potent elixir that transforms internet dudes into an army of argumentative internet assholes. Peterson's principal grievance against progressive movements is that it interferes with his free speech rights (for example, he was very upset that he might have to refer to a hypothetical nonbinary student using a gender-neutral pronoun). But as much as Peterson loves free speech, he's not very good at sharing. He has sued and threatened to sue numerous critics, on flimsy and absurd grounds, in ways that, in my opinion, were designed to intimidate them into silence and forced apology rather than face his deep-pocketed legal weapons. Mike Masnick is definitely from the free speech wing of the free speech party and...
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