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1 week ago
There's nothing worse than realizing you forgot your headphones once you get to the gym, and there's nothing better than having a kickass pair of full-sound-pumping headphones to get you through a grueling workout. If there's a brand we can trust for quality sound, it's Bose — and right now, Walmart has Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones for $50 off.  SEE ALSO: 7 of the best headphones for the iPhone 7 The SoundSport Free wireless headphones are completely wire-free and are designed like independent ear plugs, so you'll have full range of motion during your workout, plus you won't have to worry about them tangling in your gym bag. Read more...More about Headphones, Bose, Mashable Shopping, Shopping Linkshare, and Tech
1 week ago
A major last stand for headphone jack enthusiasts might be caving in.  Korean outlet ETnews reports (via Android Authority) that Samsung is planning to drop the headphone jack from its flagship smartphones sometime next year.  SEE ALSO: Not a rumor: Samsung has almost completed its foldable phone If you're one of those people (I certainly am) who doesn't like dongles and thinks wired headphones still have advantages over wireless ones, this is bad news. Ever since Apple "courageously" killed the headphone jack by omitting it in the iPhone 7 in 2016, numerous phone makers followed suit — but not Samsung.  Read more...More about Tech, Tech, Smartphones, and Big Tech Companies
1 week ago
Greetings, Team Apple. We've gathered you here today because you're all now living a life of no headphone jack — and honestly, that can be pretty traumatizing. Welcome to your support group. SEE ALSO: Cases for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR are already rolling out and we are pumped You're probably thinking, "If Apple wouldn't have tried to fix a problem that didn't exist, this wouldn't be an issue *mad face emoji*" And we feel youWe were just as annoyed as you were.  But guess what: Apple didn't remove the headphone jack to piss people off or because of some ulterior motive to make more money. "We are removing the audio jack because we have developed a better way to deliver audio. It has nothing to do with content management or DRM — that's pure, paranoid conspiracy theory," Apple's Phil Schiller said about the mayhem. Read more...More about Apple, Iphone 7, Headphones, Earbuds, and Shopping Amazon
1 week ago
I've been playing Civilization, in one form or another, since the mid-1990s. I love the depth of the game and the multitude of ways that it can be played. I take comfort in the knowledge that no matter what I do, or how good our in-game relationship might be, sooner or later Gandhi will try to slit my throat. When Civ VI popped a few years ago, I bought it as soon as I was able to scrape enough money together. I play it on my Mac. I play it on Windows. That wasn't enough. Soon, I found myself playing it on my iPad Pro as well. Civilization is everywhere in my life. It's like an old friend that you allowed to crash on your couch for a few days who now refuses to leave. Today, that old friend went ahead and helped itself to more of my life: Civilization VI has been ported to work on my iPhone. This is a productivity nightmare. On the other hand, much joy will be brought to the time that I spend in the bathroom. I downloaded the game to my iPhone 7 Plus this morning and took it for a q...
2 weeks ago
Not many new phones make a splash like the iPhone. The XS and XS Max recently took centre stage at Apple's big launch event in the U.S. Both models were available to pre-order from EE, Mobiles.co.uk, Direct Mobiles, Chitter Chatter, and other top retailers. While many are making a beeline for the latest XS, there are also plenty of reasons to go for the older iPhone models.  Whichever way you’ve gone, Mashable’s guide to the best iPhone deals in the UK has you covered. We have compared the best deals on multiple iPhone models, from the iPhone XS to the iPhone 7. Apple iPhone XS The XS is physically very similar to the iPhone X, but has some telling differences when it comes to specs. The clearest improvements are in the camera, chipset, and speakers. Read more...More about Iphone, Iphone X, Mashable Shopping, Shopping Uk, and Uk Deals
3 weeks ago
At the time of this writing, in the late afternoon on Tuesday, if I swipe to the right on my iPhone 7 Plus and type “Obama Muslim” into the search bar at the top, I’m shown a link right at the top for a YouTube video that breathlessly proclaims “Obama Admits He Is A Muslim.”...
June 14th, 2018
Fans from all over the world continue coming to Russia for the World Cup. In Moscow, football fans paralyzed many pedestrian streets having arranged mass festivities there. Most fans gathered on Nikolskaya Street, which is adjacent to Red Square. Crowds of football fans gathered on Nikolskaya Street to support their national teams. Russia is welcoming fans of all ages - one can see elderly people holding hands, young people partying and even young parents with children. Light garlands above the street created a very special atmosphere of a football carnival against the background of facades of historical buildings covered with flags of the countries participating in the championship.Representatives of Latin and South America predictably turned out to be most active football fans, for whom football is a religion. Peruvians and Mexicans attracted people's attention by performing  national dances and playing traditional musical instruments. Fans from Argentina gathered the largest number...
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