Governor Scott

5 days ago
In an embarrassing video released today, the Republican candidate for Pennsylvania governor, Scott Wagner, thinks he's a tough guy when he threatens his opponent, Gov. Tom Wolf: "Well, Governor Wolf, let me tell you what, between now and Nov. 6, you better put a catcher’s mask on your face, because I’m going to stomp all over your face with golf spikes." Wolf's running mate tweets that Wagner has "lost it." .@realScottWagner has lost it.
1 week ago
Twitter has a new therapist. Surprise, surprise, it's a frozen steak brand. Last week, the legendary frozen meat Steak-umm had a Network-style outburst on Twitter, touching on everything from college debt to unemployment to millennial nihilism. Steak-umm had been building up to this moment for months, having previously explored the relationship between love and beef and waged Twitter war against fellow 'woke' industrial food brand Moon Pie.  The brand's recent monologue was its most explosive and self-aware yet.  If only any of it was real. SEE ALSO: Scott Walker's latest ad is one of the most bizarre campaign ads of 2018 Read more...More about Watercooler, Digital Advertising, Steak Umm, Culture, and Web Culture
3 weeks ago
Why are Republicans so bad at pop culture? Who can help them? Take Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who's struggling to keep up with his Democratic competition. On Tuesday, Walker's team decided to throw up a campaign ad that seems to reference the hit...1970s children television show The Electric Company. This segment was weird then. It's even more painful to watch now.  Read more... More about Watercooler, Politics, Scott Walker, Campaign Ad, and Culture
3 weeks ago
For Governor Scott Walker and his boosters, the project is “transformative,” a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. For citizens? Not so much. This summer, the roar of bulldozers replaced the sound of tractors over thousands of agricultural acres outside of Racine in southeastern Wisconsin. Road, water, and electricity infrastructure construction was well under way for a new industrial complex for Foxconn, the Taiwan-based technology giant. In the project’s master plan, Foxconn will eventually own 4.5 square miles of once-prime Wisconsin farmland, an expanse about a fourth the size of the city limits of nearby Racine, population 77,000. The main 24-inch water main will have the capacity to deliver more than 20 million gallons a day of high-quality Great Lakes water (home to 21 percent of the world's remaining supply), although initial usage has been promised to be much less. Foxconn has pledged to be good environmental stewards, even as Wisconsin has waived many of its bas...
August 21st, 2018
Americans for Prosperity Wisconsin (AFP), an arm of the network funded by billionaires Charles and David Koch, is launching an ad campaign in support of Governor Scott Walker ahead of the midterm elections in November.
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