Welcome to CȲCRe:
(pronounced seeker)!

We're relatively new and still testing things out so you'll have to cut us a little slack as we work out the kinks.... thank you! :)  The idea is that every RSS Reader out there today expects you to know what you're looking for before you find it.  I'm a news junkie, and over the years I've realized that living in North America means I live in a bubble, I want my news to come from unexpected places, I want to learn from experts in the field, and passionate people alike.  I like to know as much about what people I disagree with think as I do people I agree with, sometimes moreso. 

Enter CȲCRe:, like the tagline says, see why, see related.  With CYCRe, we bring you articles and views from around the globe, sources you may or may not have ever heard of.  We bring you access to views and opinions so separated from the world you live in now, you can't help but broaden your perspective.  Use our site as a tool to get more personal with the world around you.

We're going to do our best to get this up to speed as quick as we can, adding features to allow you to pin topics to your own personalized front page as well as any other theme pages you want to organize, share with friends, and share your ideas with others discovering our site from around the world.  We'd love to hear what youv'e got to say, your hopes and your concerns.... even your complaints.  Drop us a line on our contact page... Contact

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